The Office is a location in Five Nights at Candy's where Mary Schmidt will inhabit throughout the six nights.


The Office is a long room with white walls, purple and blue confetti particles scattered across it, along with that, there's a checkerboard floor. To the center, there's a desk that resides in front of the player, which is quite tidy with a red cup, old-school computer, newspaper, lamp and mini burger figurine. On both sides of the desk are monitors and what seems to be a speaker. On the left, there's a big poster with Candy The Cat and Cindy The Cat on it, with their names next to them. On the right, there is a calendar, along with a coat hanger.

On the sides of the room, there are automatic doors with two pressable white buttons. In the center of the room there's a window, which, similarly to the doors, can be closed via a white button on the desk.


The battery icon in the bottom-right corner is utilized by seeing how much power Mary has left. Mary also has a camera, which has Night Vision so you can see the animatronics and where they are. Mary can also close the doors, but it's limited, as there's three power meters connected to each door, the higher it will go, the faster Mary's power will drain.


  • The burger figurine that appears in this room has been speculated to belong to Candy.
    • This is because he holds it in the "Thank You" image.