Were you looking for his show performance partner, The Rat?

The Cat is a secret antagonist of Five Nights at Candy's 2. He is a special animatronic, like The Rat, as he is only active on the 6th Night and beyond, and in the secret minigame after Night 8.

There is very little known about CAT in comparison to the other animatronics, since CAT has relatively few appearances in the plot.


The Cat appears to be a changed version of The Rat himself, with a lighter texture and a blockier head. There are tears in his head, ears, and body. He bears endoskeleton feet and a right endoskeleton hand, with only the left being undamaged. A great portion of his right leg is missing, revealing endoskeleton frame underneath. There's also a hole in his chest.


CAT will start anywhere in the cameras in the said nights that he is on, and will attempt to get to the player, like the other animatronics. At times, he will attempt to get into the vents, like Withered Chester. Like most of the animatronics, he has two jumpscares, depending on if the camera is used or not.


  • From Emil Macko's concept art in the Extras menu, CAT was originally going to have his teeth more sharper.
    • This was scrapped for an unknown reason.
  • Unlike the other animatronics, CAT and RAT can appear in the same room together.
  • After passing Night 8, clicking on the fourth star on the main menu will send the player to a minigame, showing the Grand Reopening of Candy's Burgers and Friends, with CAT and RAT performing. This most likely is the very first establishment, and existed sometime before 1965 (when Old Candy and Blank were most likely first created, judging by their minigame), with New Candy, and New Cindy made around 1992, while CAT and RAT have deteriorated.
    • This may suggest that they are the original animatronics of the CTC Entertainment franchise, paralleling Fredbear and Spring Bonnie from the Five Nights at Freddy's series.
  • CAT and RAT are both similar to Tom and Jerry, from the series of the same name.
    • Additionally, both of their names rhyme, and they do work together to get to the player.
  • When viewing CAT and RAT on the extras menu, the music will slow down and change to a low beat.
  • If the player is attacked by CAT or RAT, the Game Over screen says that Marylin was mauled to death by an unknown predator, to the point where it resembles a bear attack, according to the newspaper shown. If the player is attacked by any other of the animatronics, the Game Over screen simply claims that Marylin has gone missing.
    • This means CAT and RAT are the only animatronics that will expose Marylin's corpse, after killing her.
  • Being in all capitals like RAT's name, people thought that both names were acronyms.
  • Some thought that CAT and RAT were springlock animatronics, but this has been disconfirmed by Emil Macko on Twitter.

The Cat returns as the presumed main antagonist of Five Nights at Candy's 3. Not much is known about him.


In the teaser, only his head is visible. Unlike his original counterpart, Nightmare Cat's appearance is perfectly undamaged and bears many similarities with Nightmare Rat as well. If one looks closely, Nightmare Cat appears to sport long whiskers. His bloody-red eyes are similar to Nightmare Rat's, but his pupils are side-way slits like that of a stereotypical cat.


  • Strangely enough he never appears in trailer, despite of his possible importance in the game. Only Nightmare Rat appears throughout the whole trailer.
    • Because of this fact, when the trailer was released, many believed that Nightmare Rat was going to be the only animatronic in the game. It turned out to be false.
      • It is unknown if there is going to be more than just two nightmare animatronics at this moment.


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