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The Tape Player is an incredibly important item in Five Nights at Candy's 3, vital to its gameplay as well as a light lore role.


When Mary was a younger child, she often had trouble sleeping. Her father, worried, recorded some relaxing music on a tape and purchased the tape player in order to soothe Mary and help her sleep better.

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The Tape Player is accessible via a seperate transition button. Pressing the green play button will cause soothing music to play. As long as the music is on, the time in the current night will move twice as fast. However, the tape is not endless, and needs to be rewinded with the reverse button in order to be able to reset the time it can play. The tape can also be paused and stopped at any moment. Later in the nights, as the monsters become more aggressive, rewinding and playing becomes more and more risky, especially with the Monster CAT tampering with it.