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Cindy's garden arcade game number #2

The arcade games are found in numerous areas of the Dreamscape, such as 'Cindy's Garden', 'Candy's Adventure' and 'Candy goes Fishing'. For every time you get the score 9999 for each arcade game, it will glitch out and turn into an black and white minigame. 

Candy goes Fishing.

In this minigame, you play as Candy. Candy will be seen holding a red and white basket. White, green, blue, and red fish can be seen falling from the sky. Catch them to get them in the basket. When you get around the score 8000, the fish start to fall faster, and more fish will appear on the screen at a time. You will then notice that some of the fish start to fall on the floor. You will then see Penguin waddle towards the fish, pick them up, and carry them offscreen. Make sure not to catch the socks, bananas, boots, and the tin cans. You will lose a life if you do. The minigame has the same graphics as Cindy's Garden.

After getting to a score of 9999, the minigame will glitch out, and will take you to a grainy, low quality black and white minigame. You play as a woman, supposedly Mary, as an adult. There will be multiple kids blocking multiple entrances. Upon entering a room, Vinnie appears, who then turns into Monster Vinnie . The game ends there.

Candy's adventure

Candy's Adventure is where you play as a small 8-bit version of what seems to be Old Candy .  Your objective of this is to defeat the evil Dog Boss, but first you have to make your way past baby dogs. Make sure to not get hit by them, or you will lose a life.