Were you looking for Old Candy, or perhaps New Candy?

Candy is the Main antagonist in Five Nights at Candy's. Candy is the Lead singer of the band, along with Cindy. Candy Entertains Children throughout the day, and goes to hunt the Guard at night from 12AM to 6AM. 

Candy is an animatronic cat which strongly resembles Cindy, as they both have rosy red cheeks and a similar look to each other.


Candy is a blue and white animatronic cat which wears a red tie. His body is a blue and his stomach area, and face area are white. Candy has also white eyes, the same color as Cindy's. Candy's look is quite similar to the toy animatronics from FNaF2 with the polished look and rosy red cheeks.


Candy seems to have three movement patterns. They are:

  1. Cam01 > Cam02 > Cam03 > Cam05 > Cam03 > Cam04
  2. Cam01 > Cam02 > Cam09 > Cam08 > Cam07 > Cam06
  3. Cam01 > Cam02 > Cam09 > Cam08 > Cam05 > Cam03 > Cam04


  • In the past, people believe that "PoniatorFilms", the creator of The Return to Freddy's series, has rights over Candy. This is because of how Poniator has used Candy without permission in the first The Return to Freddy's game. The fights of who owns who are still around today, though rare.
  • Candy is believed to be one of the most popular Five Nights at Freddy's OCs.

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